Important News:

PAASI closed shop.

As from 10th September 2014 the "Parental Alienation Awareness Society International" (PAASI) closed up shop completely.

PAASI also traded under the international names of "Ouerlike Vervreemding Bewustheid Vereniging Internationaal", "Alienacja Rodzicielska Międzynarodowe Towarzystwo Świadomości", "Sensibilisation à l'aliénation parentale Société internationale" or more where certification professionals testifying in
courts are required.

Although the Parental Alienation Awareness Association (PAAA) was a split from PAASI, PAAA have not associated with PAASI, accepted its new constitution or recognised its new management or certification.

PAAA highlighted the irregularities, fraud, plagiarism and copyright violation as well as several "Whores of the Court" enjoying PAASI registration and certification.

The PAASI web page will be closed down by the end of the day.

About PAASI assets and liabilities

This matter is addressed by the creditors and several plaintiffs in civil matters

About PAASI membership and branches

If you were a registered member of PAASI, notify your financial institution to stop all monthly contributions.

National branches of PAASI (outside the US) will have to decide the fate of the branch where proper management is in place.

New International Register

PAAA is opening its doors internationally and  will accept and process applications from anywhere in the world, on condition, it is in English.

Professional members needing registration for court purposes will be prioritised.

Until 31 December 2014, PAAA will maintain this register for free. (Donations will be appreciated). Said date may change if the PAAA executive decide to the effect for any valid reason.

PAAA membership information and on line application is available on the main page.

Click here or on the PAAA logo to proceed to the main page.