About Venues – 25 April 2016
Different groups and organisations will be organising “Bubbles” events across the the Globe.

Some schools will blow bubbles. Some churches will be involved.

Keep us up to date on planned events in Ireland and we will publish it on this page.
Remember to take photos and videos.

Dublin - Four Courts - Start gathering at Chancery Park around 11 am. Blowing bubbles at 12 and then through lunch hour. Bring your own bubbles. Banners and posters donated by a friend...
Click on link to see the banners and posters .. or you can bring your own

CORK - 10.30 Monday morning we will be blowing bubbles in the Lords Mayors office in Cork for bubbles of love day.

Several small groups, some "One Man Bands", to blow bubbles at midday or lunch time at the local Court House or Post Office.

NB: Remember to come prepared with your