About the Programs – 25 April 2017
Finalised programs will be published on the Venues page
Here the official suggestions for 2017
PAAD / BOLD is on Tuesday this year.

Persuade your community, local authority, church, government to recognise ECAPA (Emotional Child Abuse by Parental Alienation) and issue a proclamation or declaration. See examples on the Links and More page

NB: Many Target Parents do not have contact with other Target Parents or supporters in the area.
Please email with your information or enquiry about meeting others in your area.

At present we need names and contact particulars of other Target Parents or supporters in:
Ireland: Enfield, Limerick, Galway, Dublin, Cork, Athlone

Organising Suggestions:

(1) Get your friends, neighbours and the community involved and form an organising committee where possible.
(2) Approach local clergy and suggest a service on Sunday 23 April addressing this evil.
(3) Approach the local schools and suggest a BOLD session during big break.
(4) Approach local press, businesses, groups, politicians to sponsor printing and laminating if needed.
(5) Educate prospective “Protesters” on ECAPA
(6) Educate teachers to look out for possible PAS Children and to support them. When concerned about a child REPORT IT AND TAKE IMMEDIATE ACTION.
(7) Decide on the locations and times of the “Protest”. Lunch times should be considered where possible for working people.
(8) Organise “photographers” to make productive use of their phones and other cameras.
(9) Register your event on and notify about it.

On Sunday 23 rd
“Protest” action, where possible, as described hereunder, at churches and other places of worship.
Clergy agreeing to present a sermon on the matter may want to look at some beautiful articles on the net specifically mentioning "Parental alienation and the Bible" by Rodney Calmes or the quotes in the page on Parental Alienation as in Open Bible

On Tuesday 25th
“Protest” action should be, where possible, in groups of 2 or more persons
Target shopping complexes, Court houses, welfare offices. DO NOT TARGET KNOWN ALIENATING PARTIES
“Protesters” can wear a “Poster”, printed on A4 and laminated, around the neck during the protest.
No shouting, preaching or any other method of demonstration. Only blowing soap bubbles.
If someone ask what it is about, explain briefly.
Use your imagination. Please

Some example posters and other help

Visit, and other sites to learn more and see ideas (past and present)

Some example posters to be printed and laminated can be found at:,,,

NB: Remember to come prepared with your