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A brief introduction

December 2013

The Parental Alienation Awareness Association of Ireland, PAAA, has been established to create an umbrella organisation that will promote and encourage the elimination of illegal parental alienation and illegal parental estrangement.

Following the inspiration and help a few individuals, representatives from a number of support groups in Ireland and further afield, we established a working committee in 2013 striving to promote the PAAA as a professional organisation.

The launching committee of PAAA broke away from the Parental Alienation Awareness Society International (PAASI), as we did not agree with their new constitution and management principles.

PAAA took notice of and agree with the rulings in many Superior Courts, professionals and studies worldwide that:

  1. Any form of Parental Alienation is emotional abuse on the child

  2. Where the condition termed Parental Alienation Sequela (previously termed syndrome) developed with a child, the child is at serious risk for the rest of its life till old age

  3. The alienating parties and the child need professional help to overcome the alienation

  4. Target parents need support

  5. The alienating parties need to be re-educated

  6. Re-offenders must be punished

  7. Children need protection from emotional child abuse by parental alienation (ECAPA)

The PAAA is striving to educate professionals in all spheres to recognise PA / PAS, including, but not limited to Judiciary, Legal, Psychological, Medical, Educational, Social and Family, setting a minimum level of competence, to be acceptable by the Courts in Ireland, as is acceptable in the Courts in many other jurisdictions.

The PAAA is striving to build an association where members -

  • Belonging to an association that has national respect and that networks and relates to similar international groups worldwide.

  • Belonging to a professional body which represents those engaged in opposition and elimination of Parental Alienation and caring of victims.

  • Belonging to an organisation which accepts a diversity of professionalism and methodology.

  • Belonging to an organisation that can provide a network of support and information on insurance, recognised training courses and journal articles.

Membership of PAAA is open to everybody. No form of discrimination will ever be allowed.

NB: With the establishment of International professional groups, professional registration to discontinue in the near future.

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This document is revised on 14 October 2017