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TAKE NOTE: This domain will undergo drastic changes in the next few months
We are waiting for a new web master to take over - who is willing to volunteer?
Email andy at aps dot ie or joe at aps dot ie if you can help.

The complete domain was hacked by a person or persons not appreciating the work we are doing. The present page is an old backup as was stored off line.

On 24 September 2017 a decision was made to limit the activities of this site to the registration of people affected by Parental Alienation or Estrangement. A relevant interactive data base will be created.

Documents will be made available on the Alienated Person Support page (APS.IE) web page as soon as possible.

Links will also be implemented
on APS.IE, to better pages for other resources
Registration of professional members will cease when EAPAP initiate registration of professionals
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Note: This site is based on the "Simple Principle" with limited scripts and procedures to accommodate old browsers and hardware as far as possible